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Limited Time Exclusive Offers

  • Lowest Islamic / Conventional Mortgage Rates For Lifetime In UAE.
  • Zero Application Fees
  • Discounted Processing Fees
  • Free Valuation Partial Settlement Option Available
  • 1% Early Settlement Fee
  • Land Department & Broker Fee Financing Available
  • 2, 3 & 5 Years Fixed Rate Options Available
  • Finance Available For Residents & Non Residents
  • Financing Available On Ready, Off Plan, Commercial Properties Across UAE
  • Easy Documentation & Hassle Fee Process
We have the network and reach with professionals and decision makers of Master Developers and leading banks in UAE.
Given our experience and sharp intellect of connecting with the right arms of businesses, we can offer you with the best mortgage advise quickly with ease.
The key to a successfull mutual beneficial relationship is an everlasting enriching value filled experience of happiness. This is only achieved clearly with the qualification and knowlegde combined with wealth of experience of the know how of the Real Estate Industry and the people that make it happen.

Our Story

Buying a home is personal. Securing a home finance should be, too.

Dream homes mean different things to different people. To some, it’s a spacious kitchen, big lawns, and great location. For others, it’s a low-maintenance space, modern floor plan and urban location. At ASK us International Mortgage, we understand that every homebuyer is different — and we believe your home finance experience should be just as customized as your home buying experience.

Discover how we make home finance personal.

Why choose us ?

  • ASK Us International will grant you access to money lenders who specialize in providing capital to people with adverse credit.
  • Rather than just visiting one bank, if you choose ASK Us International, you are visiting multple banks. Why cut your options?
  • Volume discounts are obtained by ASK Us International which are passed directly onto the borrower which is not always the case with banks.
  • We will relieve yourself of the time commitments involved so keep your time your own.
  • ASK Us International particularly specialise in this field, whilst banks spread themselves across various avenues of business.
  • Having an intermediary protects you from the technical language which means you can properly understand what is being offered.
  • With ASK Us International, you will feel like you are working with an individual and there with be less bureaucratic red tape.
  • Exclusive deals not normally found on the open market or better rates than advertised will be offered by ASK Us International.
  • You can trust a qualified and experienced negotiator to handle this part of the procedure for you rather than going it alone
  • Productive relationships have regularly been esrabhshed by ASK Us International through their previous transactions.

What We Can Offer You

We provide services ranging from first-time buyer, Ready-Property Financing, Under-Construction Property, Non-Resident Financing, Equity Release and much more.

With so many banks offering various products & services and complex documentation; let us help you select the best product with the lowest rate quickly and without any hassles.
ASK Us International is well aware of the fact that debt problems can be mentally and physically exhausting for any individual who is into a trap of it.
If you need extra cash to renovate your home, business investment, fund another purchase; we can help you get equity on your property for additional cash
With so many off plan properties to choose from & great offers by developers currently, we can help you get finance on off plan properties at best rates so that you can take advantage of the offers and yield maximum Returns on investment.
If you would like to purchase an office space or release equity on your existing one, we can help you in the best way. ASK Us International provide convenient and proffesional commercial property finance mortagage solutions.
We can help with new projects as well as expansion, diversification and modernisation of existing projects in Real Estate & Development Financing, construction/investment properties financing, asset-backed hybrid financing.
ASK Us International offers Personal Finance Services that will always help you to manage your daily and occasional challenges in life and for future life-planning.
ASK Us International offers you Education Finance & Loan services and help you to choose ideal options with benefits such as simple documentation, quick loan disbursal, tax benefits, long-rapayment, etc.
With our credit card services, we help you to find and apply for the most suitable credit card according to your requirements and preferences.

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What Our Clients Say !

Professional and qualified team that gives you the best mortgage options in Dubai to buy your property.
Hina Asfar
ASK Us International assisted me to get through the mortgage process for acquiring my property in Dubai. They are most convenient for first time property buyers like me.
Anahid Gaspar