Our Story

ASK Us International broker firm is headquartered at Dubai, UAE and is licensed by the Dubai Economic Department and the Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

As certified home finance consultancy in UAE the company offers professional and reliable financial solution to end users and investors.

As Independent Mortgage Brokers we are not tied to a limited range of mortgage products, but can give you independent advice on the whole market, ensuring you receive the best advice.

We take the time to understand our clients needs, life styles and financial circumstances to find the mortgage that is right now and into the future. With thousands of different mortgages available we will find one to suite you.

Expert independent advice now will benefit you for the lifetime of your mortgage and could save your time and money.

Why Choose us ?

  • ASK Us International will grant you access to money lenders who specialize in providing capital to people with adverse credit.
  • Rather than just visiting one bank, if you choose ASK Us International, you are visiting multple banks. Why cut your options?
  • Volume discounts are obtained by ASK Us International which are passed directly onto the borrower which is not always the case with banks.
  • We will relieve yourself of the time commitments involved so keep your time your own.
  • ASK Us International particularly specialise in this field, whilst banks spread themselves across various avenues of business.
  • Having an intermediary protects you from the technical language which means you can properly understand what is being offered.
  • With ASK Us International, you will feel like you are working with an individual and there with be less bureaucratic red tape.
  • Exclusive deals not normally found on the open market or better rates than advertised will be offered by ASK Us International.
  • You can trust a qualified and experienced negotiator to handle this part of the procedure for you rather than going it alone
  • Productive relationships have regularly been esrabhshed by ASK Us International through their previous transactions.